Here are some photos from our 35 Yr. Reunion Concerts in 2009/2010

Singing by:

  Tommy & Sherri           Jerry         Ed & Joy (Drewett) Kelso         Shawn
Apr.    2       2010   7:00 PM                   Victory Baptist, Batesville,MS.  
Feb.  26      2010   7:00 PM               Springhill Baptist, Greenbrier,AR.
Nov. 20      2009   7:00 PM       Providence Memorial Baptist, Hope,AR.
Aug. 14      2009  7:00 PM                         Victory Baptist,  Benton,AR.
Jul. 24      2009   7:00 PM                       Hope Baptist,  Alexandria,LA.
May 1       2009  7:00 PM                       Gateway Baptist, Memphis,TN.
Shawn, Sherri, and Tommy as they sang from 1991-2004.
Joy, Ed, Shawn, and Jerry sing
The Lord gave us an attendance of over 300
Ed and Joy
Step Into the Water
Many area pastors came
The Messengers Quartet
Jerry's daughter Bethany sings
Jerry's daughter Kayla plays and sings
Samuel and Molly
July 24 Alexandria,La. Concert Photos
August 14 Benton,Ar. Concert Photos
Joy,Ed,Jerry, & Shawn sing "I Believe He's Coming Back"
Bethany sings "His Name is Wonderful"
"That I could still go free"
It's hard to capture Jerry's fast keyboard playing!
Kayla plays "Were you there?"
The Messengers Quartet sings "I can tell you the time"
Samuel & Molly sing "Sweeter Gets The Journey"
"Here Comes the Bride"
November 20 Hope,AR.  Concert Photos
Top Row L to R: Sherri, Tommy, Shawn, Jennifer, Katherine, Melony, Eddie, Jerry, Bethany.
2nd Row: Samuel, Kayla, Joy, Molly.
Our friend Ron Owen opened the concert up with 2 songs
This Little Light of Mine
Passing Through
Jerry "breaks in" the piano
Dad still puts his all into it!
Host Pastor James Honeycutt raises his hands in praise on "Under the Blood."
Joy sings and plays "I Believe He's Coming Back."
"I Believe He's Coming Back"
"Mary Did You Know"
February 26, Greenbrier,AR.  Concert Photos
:Victory? Peace? No, quotation marks.
Looking more like Dad!
The BIG southern gospel ending!
Ed & Joy
Jerry, Shawn, Tommy , and Joy
So you have to sit in the soft chair now? :)

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