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Disc #1
1.Step Into The Water
2.Good News
3.Ten Thousand Years
4.The Strength Of The Lord
5.Jesus Is What Heaven's All About
6.Here They Come
7.The Grass Is Really Greener
8.Oh What A Wonderful Dream
9.Jesus Is Mine
10.This Is My Beloved Son
11.Beulah Land
12.Wedding Music
13.John Saw A City
14.Sweeter Gets The Journey 
15.Come On Home
16.Servant's Heart
17. I Will Come Again
18.Because He Loved Me
19.Mender Of Broken Wings
20.In the Twinkling Of An Eye
21.Heaven's Jubilee
22.Sinner Saved By Grace
23.Without The Blood   
1.   I Sing Because
2.  Trophy Of Grace
3.  We'll Soon Be Done With Toubles & Trials
4.  The Potter Knows The Clay
5.   Heaven's Point Of View
6.   I Wouldn't Take Nothin' For My Journey Now
7.   Look For Me At Jesus Feet
8.   I Have Never Walked Alone
9.   Shoutin' Time
10. Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sin
1. Show A Little Bit Of Love And Kindness
2. Sweeter As The Days Go By
3. Tears Are A Language
4. I Find No Fault In Him
5. If My People Will Pray
6. Shoutin Time
7. Drinking From My Saucer
8. Didn't I Walk On The Water
9. He Loves Me
10. Movin Up To Gloryland
11. It Matters To The Master
12. In The Midst Of It All

Disc #2
1.What A Lovely Name
2.The Church Is Alive And Well
3.I've Already Won The War
4.God Of The Mountain
5.While I'm Here
6.We Do Not Die
7.That I Could Still Go Free
8.Heaven's Calling Me
9.It's A Wonderful Feeling
10.Won't It Be Worth It 
11.Here Comes The Bride
12.Passing Through
13.Under The Blood
14.I'll Take The Old Highway
15.Only Because Of His Grace
16.He Didn't Throw The Clay Away
17.The Greatest Of All Miracles
18.I Shall Be Changed
19.Unseen Hand
20.I'll Have A New Life
21.When I Cross To The Other Side Of Jordan
22.Special Grace
23.I Won't Walk Without Jesus  
Drewett Family Favorites Collection #1

1.He's Coming Soon
2.I'll See You In The Rapture
3.Keep My Mind On You Jesus
4.Now More Than Ever
5.He's The Old Rock Of Ages
6.Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord
7.Sweet Sweet Spirit
8.It Is Well With My Soul
9.My God Is Able
10.After All
11.For What Earthly Reason
12.The Victory Is Ours
13.Thanks to Calvary
14.My Joy Is Jesus
15.He Found me
16.Wasted Years
17.Final Reunion
18.How Much More
19.God Of Forgiveness
20.He's Coming Any Day
21.When He Comes
22.That's Why His Grace Is Amazing To Me

1.I'm Looking Forward To The Day
2.He Is Mine
3.Harvest Time
4.He Is Worthy
5.This Little Light Of Mine
6.The Story Of The Old Church
7.Free Indeed
8.Back Into The Fight
9.What A Meeting
10.Beyond The Gates
11.Walkin' and Talkin'
12.Come Home To Jesus
13.Ship Ahoy
14.Be Ye Therefore Ready
15.Too Many Times
16.Sail On Over
17.What Heaven Means To Me
18.When I Stand In The Presence 
19.The Most Beautiful Sight
20.The Story That Never Shall Die
21.Till The Land
22.He Will Calm The Troubled Waters
$10.00  Double CD 

1. Jesus cares for you
2. He brought me through 
3. Prodigal son
4. What a beautiful day
5. I believe He died for me
6. The lovely name of Jesus
7. I'll be praying for you
8.  I'll go over Jordan
9.  Jesus found me
10. Burdens are lifted away
11. I must tell Jesus
12. It's just like heaven
13. In the valley He restoreth my soul
14. I've go to live the life I sing about
15. Thank God I'm free
16.  Oh happy day
17. He hideth my soul
18. Everybody will be happy over there
19.  Precious Jesus
20.  God gives His grace
21. The old rugged cross made the difference

1. I believe He's coming back
2. When we see Christ
3. Won't it be wonderful there
4. God has been so good to me
5. There's still power in the old rugged cross
6.  Jesus, I love you
7. Meet me over on the other side
8. Power in prayer
9. Oh how much he cares for me
10. I've come too far to look back
11. I know
12. When justice called mercy answered
13. I can, I have, I will
14. Under the  blood
15. Oh I want to see Him
16. I rest my case at the cross
17. Hallelujah
18. Beyond the clouds
19. You only say what you mean
20. Joy in the morning
21. We shall see Jesus

1. Step Into The Water 
2.This Little Light Of Mine
3.That I Could Still Go Free
4.I’m Free Again
5.I Can Tell You The Time
6.Family Bible
7.I Shall Be Changed
8.On The Run
9.Ten Thousand Years
10.Were You There
11.His Name Is Wonderful
12.Sweeter Gets My Journey
13.Toll Booths
14.Passing Through
15.Under The Blood
16.Knowing You’ll Be There
17.Mary Did You Know
18.Ed met Joy
19.The Grass Is Really Greener
20.Look For Me At Jesus Feet
21.Heaven's Calling Me
22.When The Lord Returns To Zion
23.Unto Them
24.I Believe He's Coming Back

Shoutin' Time!
Tommy & Sherri Drewett
1. I Believe He's Coming Back
2. People Get Ready 
3. I Can Only Imagine
4. There Must Be A Reason
5. Wish You Were Here
6.  We've Got To Get America Back To God
7. The Wayfaring Stranger
8. When He Comes
9. Knowing You'll Be There
10. Under The Blood
11. I Love This Land
12.Please Forgive Me

                                 The Kelso's

 We Need God In America Again
My sister and brother in law's new CD!
1. Ship Ahoy
2. Until Then
3. Wasted Years
4. Follow Me
5. Valley Of Decision
6. Iv'e Gotta Live The Life
7. Jesus Use Me
8. Poor As A Beggar
9. Without The Blood
10. When We See Christ
11. I Won't Have To Worry
12. One Day At A Time
13. Beyond The Gates
14. If He Keeps On Blessing
15. I Should Have Been Crucified
16. Thanks To Calvary
17. Lovest Thou Me/The Longer I Serve Him
18. Turn Back My Child
19  When The Lord Returns to Zion
20 .How Much More
21. Unto Them
22. Cornerstone
23. Blessed Assurance
24. If We Never Meet Again

1. Hide Thou Me 
2. Romans 8:28
3. Don't Let Me Walk Too Far From Calvary
4. Written In Red
5. I Will Glory In The Cross
6. John The Revelator
7. Look To Him
8. David's Psalm
9. Remember These Things
10. John The Revelator (Reprise)
11. Jesus I'm An Open Book 

1. Easter Song
2. Oh Say But I'm Glad
3. The Lighthouse
4. Glad Reunion Day
5. I'll Have A New Song
6. Jesus Is The Cornerstone
7. I Am
8. He Did Not Fail
9. Oh What A Savior
10. Oh It Thrills Me
11. He Looked Beyond My Fault And Saw My Need
12. Keep On Walkin'
13. I've Been To Heaven
14. When The World Looks At Me
15. Through The Blood Of Jesus
16. Redemption Draweth Nigh
17. For The Rest Of My Life
18. Just Keep Praising HIm
19. I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy
20. Midnight Cry

Gospel Singing Ministry 
Hope Children's Home -- India
Shawn Drewett Ministries  
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